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Whether is a simple project or a more complex one, we developed a process structure to make sure that we deliver the results according to your needs and requirements. Our main target is to make you reach your online goals and expectations. Just see below how are we going to do this.

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Project Analysis

We will work with you to help determine the requirements of the project, from a technical, creative, and organizational perspective. We’ll analyze content, writing style, visual design, and interface design, and make sure we understand everything there is to know about your industry. Our project analysis will guide us in understanding where your organization has been, what it is currently doing, and where it wants to go in the future. This guides us in tailoring a solution that is effective and sustainable.


IA & Content Strategy

Using the knowledge gained from our discovery conversations, we will audit existing content both quantitatively and qualitatively. What exists on your current site? And, more importantly, is it doing what you need it to do? We’ll create a site map for your project and show where everything belongs. This process will inform what and how we communicate, and establish the features your users need. Well-planned, well-structured content will help us create both the interaction and visual design systems.


Visual Design

With functionality fully documented in the wireframes, we’ll layer in the branding elements, colour palettes, and typography that give each site its unique look and feel. Through an iterative process between our team and yours, we’ll make all the big decisions about typographic hierarchy, vertical rhythm, and interface details. We can create static visual mockups, browser-based prototypes, or both.


HTML or Theme Build

Now it’s time to get down to business and build HTML/CSS/JavaScript themes: functional, browser-tested, HTML pages ready for testing. We’ll make sure all content is governed by CSS and meets W3C standards. We’ll use JavaScript for interactive elements, rather than Flash or Silverlight. We’ll also help you adhere to best practices for online readability, and include a print CSS for readers that want to print out your content.


CMS Build & Template Implementation

At this stage, the technical architecture will be built out on a system like Open Text Web Site Management or Drupal 7, depending on your organization’s needs. We’ll build out all of the site’s modular elements and e-commerce components, and set up a workflow process that will help you maintain your content over the long term. This process goes hand-in-hand with the CMS Template Implementation, which will integrate the HTML templates into the design or theme layer. By the time we’re done, everything will be looking good and working great!


Cross-Browser/Device Testing

Here’s where we test and demonstrate how page templates will render in major web browsers and mobile devices (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc). It is important to understand that the design will be appropriate for each device, but may be slightly different due to device specs and experience. It’s not about making everything look the same, it’s about creating a coherent experience across all devices.

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